Fledglings at two months of age

Two-day-old nestlings

Adult male who learned to land on fingertips in response to a whistle.

Nestling about 11 days old  

Baby Bluebirds

Hatchlings emerging from eggs

Nestling about to fledge

Adult Bluebirds

The story behind this website (and the book, Reaching Over the Rainbow) evolved over a period of several years, during which a pair of backyard birders brought bluebirds right into their hands, from hundreds of feet away. In the process, they shared the life of several families of these birds, an experience that ranged from the joys of child-rearing to the brutal battles with competing bird species.

The bluebirds developed a level of trust in their human companions rarely seen among wild bluebirds. Photos were taken to chronicle the story, and ultimately a book was written to share not just the unique experience but also useful information for others who are equally enthralled by this remarkable species.

The Inside Story:

Bonding with Wild Bluebirds

Adult female with meal worms.