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Forty pages, including over 80 four-color images, plus hard front and back covers with spine and separate four-color dust jacket. Dimensions: 9.75 inches (horizontal) by 8.25 inches (vertical) by 3/16 inches (depth). See photo above. Price: $35.00

About the Book:
Reaching Over the Rainbow

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Forty pages, including over 80 four-color images plus four-color front and back covers. Dimensions: 9.5 inches (horizontal) by 8 inches (vertical) by 1/16 inches (depth).  Price: $25.00

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Published in 2011 by EarthDances Pottery & Books, Roxbury CT, USA; ISBN 978-1-4507-6184-0

This true story brings bird watching to a whole new level, where long-distance observation turns into gentle human interaction with wild birds. Appropriate for nature lovers of all ages, the book combines factual information about Eastern Bluebirds with a deeply moving chronicle of living among them. Through numerous close-up photographs and narrative, the reader can experience an amazing adventure with several families of these birds. 

Reaching Over the Rainbow is about love and loss, raising families, battle, death, redemption, and an extraordinary relationship between humans and wild birds. The 40-page book contains over 80 four-color photographs of several families of Eastern Bluebirds, many of which were within 12 inches from the camera. The narrative describes how these birds were drawn from the outer edges of a large meadow into the hands of loving  and respectful human caregivers, whose dedication to the successful breeding of this formerly endangered species resulted in terrifying moments of high drama and the reward of an intimate connection with wild birds. The story takes place over a period of several years of careful study and note-taking, so it can serve as an instruction manual for anyone interested in close-up observation of this frequently aloof species.  

What sets this book apart from other wildlife books is the personal story of sharing a meadow with a family of Eastern Bluebirds -- and one bird in particular -- whose amazing trust enabled a deep bond with a wild bird that few people could even imagine. Indeed, an unforgettable moment of magic!