Through more than 80 four-color photographs and narrative, the reader can experience an amazing adventure with several families of these birds, and one bird in particular, whose level of trust exceeded all... (READ MORE)


This website is dedicated to Eastern Bluebirds whose presence – and at times, their fight for their survival – transformed the lives of their human neighbors in the meadows of Northwestern Connecticut.

Reaching Over the Rainbow is about discovering a deep bond with wild birds. It's about love and loss, birth, death, battle, redemption, and an extraordinary relationship between birds and humans. 

The book that describes this remarkable event depicts bird watching from a whole new level, in which long-distance observation turns into gentle, tactile interaction with wild birds. Appropriate for nature lovers of all ages, it combines factual information about Eastern Bluebirds with a deeply moving story of living among them.

Taming Bluebirds ~ Touching Their Magic

The story that inspired this website  evolved over a period of several years, during which a pair of backyard birders brought wild bluebirds right into their hands, from hundreds of feet away. In the process, they shared the life of several families of these birds, an experience that ranged from the joys of child-rearing to the brutal battles with competing bird species. The bluebirds developed a level of trust in their human companions rarely seen among wild bluebirds. Photos were taken to chronicle...(READ MORE)

​​There are magical moments when time stands still,
And all that exists is now;
Moments when a space appears,
And we enter it, not knowing how.
It’s in this realm we touch the Source,
And heal our weary soul,
And then rejoin the dance of time,
Renewed, reborn, made whole.*